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The archivers/lzip/tarlz port

tarlz-0.25p0 – archiver based on tar and lzip multimembers


Tarlz is a small and simple implementation of the tar archiver. By default
tarlz creates, lists and extracts archives in the ustar format compressed with
lzip on a per file basis. Tarlz can append files to the end of such compressed

Each tar member is compressed in its own lzip member, as well as the
end-of-file blocks. This same method works for any tar format (gnu, ustar,
posix) and is fully backward compatible with standard tar tools, which treat
the resulting multimember tar.lz archive like any other tar.lz archive.

Tarlz can create tar archives with four levels of compression granularity; per
file, per directory, appendable solid, and solid.

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