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The audio/disc-cover port

disc-cover-1.5.6p1 – creates cover for audio cds using cddb and latex


Disc-Cover creates front and back covers for audio CDs.  The CD has
to be present in the CD-ROM drive, or alternatively a valid CDDB
file can be used.  Disc-Cover searches the CDDB database for an
entry corresponding to the CD's CDDB ID. It starts by looking for
a local CDDB entry in ~/.cddb (or another directory pointed to by
your cddb installation). If no local CDDB entry matches the CD,
disc-cover continues to search the online CDDB databases or CDINDEX
databases as configured in the AudioCD library.  It then formats
the entry to produce a Latex, Dvi, Postscript or PDF file, which
contains the front and back covers on a single page. Other formats
supported include a simple text output, a CDDB compatible format,
HTML and an output format that can be used with cdlabelgen
(, another cover


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