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The audio/madplay port

madplay-0.15.2bp9 – command-line MPEG audio decoder and player


'madplay' is a command-line MPEG audio decoder and player based on the
MAD library (libmad). After decoding, 'madplay' sends the output to an
audio output module. The following audio output modules are provided:

- Sun audio
- CD audio (*.cdr, *.cda)
- Audio IFF (*.aif, *.aiff)
- Microsoft RIFF/WAVE file (*.wav)
- Sun/NeXT audio file (*.au, *.snd)
- raw PCM
- hex (for debugging and compliance testing)
- null (for timing the decoder)

'madplay' will also read and display ID3 tag information, and further
supports the relative volume adjustment information (RVA2) in such tags,
as written by tools like 'normalize'.

MAD produces output samples with a precision greater than 24 bits. Because
most output formats use fewer bits, typically 16, 'madplay' implements a
dithering algorithm when truncating samples for output. This produces high
quality audio that generally sounds superior to the output of a simple
rounding algorithm. However, dithering may unfavorably affect an analytic
examination of the output (such as compliance testing), and therefore it
may optionally be disabled at runtime.

Available flavors:
	esd - additional EsounD interface module


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