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The audio/ocp port

ocp-0.2.106 – UNIX port of Open Cubic Player


Open Cubic Player is a music player which plays a variety of sound formats.
It is derived from Cubic Player 2.0 which was developed by Niklas Beisert
of the legendary Cubic Team demogroup.

The following file formats are supported: MOD/NST/WOW, XM, S3M, DMF, MTM,
ULT, 669, OKT, PTM, AMS, MDL, IT, SID, YM, MPEG 1 audio layer 1/2/3, OGG,
FLAC, WAV, and many OPL2/OPL3 audio file formats.

Only for arches
aarch64 aarch64 alpha amd64 amd64 arm arm hppa i386 i386 mips64 mips64 mips64el mips64el powerpc powerpc powerpc64 powerpc64 riscv64 riscv64 sparc64
on alpha: arctar.c:384: internal compiler error: in extract_insn, at recog.c:2077

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