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The audio/py-discid,python3 port

py3-discid-1.2.0p5 – Python binding of libdiscid


Python binding of MusicBrainz Libdiscid. Libdiscid's main purpose
is the calculation of an identifier of audio discs (disc ID) to use
for the MusicBrainz database.

That identifier is calculated from the TOC of the disc, similar to
the freeDB CDDB identifier. Libdiscid can calculate MusicBrainz
disc IDs and freeDB disc IDs. Additionally the MCN of the disc and
ISRCs from the tracks can be extracted.

This module is a close binding that offloads all relevant data
storage and calculation to Libdiscid. On the other hand it gives a
pythonic API and uses objects and exceptions.

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