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The audio/pykaraoke port

pykaraoke-0.7.5p4 – free karaoke player


PyKaraoke Features:

  * CDG (MP3+G, OGG+G, WAV+G) playback - Play standard CDG karaoke files
  * MIDI (.MID/.KAR) playback - Play MIDI format karaoke files
  * MPEG playback - Play karaoke songs and movies in MPEG format
  * Other formats - Play any other video formats by launching an 
	external media player
  * Playlist - Queue up songs, sit back and enjoy
  * Searchable song database - Easily find your songs from the main screen
  * Search inside ZIP files - Play MP3+G/MIDI files wrapped in ZIP files
  * Cross-platform - Runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, OSX and GP2X
  * Mini Frontend - Additional mini-frontend for low res displays and
  * Export to MPEG - Convert CDG and KAR files to MPG files (command
	line only)

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