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The audio/ruby-taglib,ruby33 port

ruby33-taglib-1.1.3 – reads and writes metadata/tags for many audio formats


taglib-ruby is based on the excellent TagLib C++ library, which is
fast, full-featured and mature.

In contrast to other bindings, this one wraps the full C++ API, not
only the minimal C API. This means that all tag data can be accessed,
e.g. cover art of ID3v2 or custom fields of Ogg Vorbis comments.

taglib-ruby currently supports the following:

* Reading/writing common tag data of all formats that TagLib supports
* Reading/writing ID3v1 and ID3v2 including ID3v2.4 and Unicode
* Reading/writing Ogg Vorbis comments
* Reading/writing MP4 tags (.m4a)
* Reading audio properties (e.g. bitrate) of the above formats

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