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The audio/squeezecenter port

squeezecenter-7.3.3p9 – streaming audio server for Squeezebox network music players


Formerly known as SlimServer, this is a streaming audio server
for use with the SlimDevices/Logitech network music players -
Squeezebox, Transporter and SLiMP3.

* Web browser UI to control the player and manage playlists
* MP3 & WMA Internet radio
* Alarm clock
* Automatically imports metadata tags
* Browse and search by title, artist, album or genre
* Shuffle and repeat albums or songs
* Create, save, and import .pls, .cue and .m3u playlist files
* Displays current date and time when not playing
* Open protocol and command line API
* Expandable through 3rd party plug-ins and skins
* Supports multiple synchronized players
* Listen from any computer using an MP3 software player

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