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The audio/tracker port

tracker-5.3p4 – MOD player


Tracker plays soundtracker music modules on a Unix machine.

Soundtracker modules originated on the amiga, where several composing
playing programs are available, that give results mostly compatible
with each other.  tracker just plays the specified files in sequence
according with the current options.

tracker development currently continues. Version 5.3 was a beta which 
never should have reached the distribution stage. 

However, since I'm now a part of the OpenBSD team, I can fix the most
blatant problems with it to let you wait for the real version.

So this port features a full adaptation of the audio system to OpenBSD,
complete with synchronization of the scrolling partition with audio output.
It also corrects some blatant bugs, such as some options not working, e.g.,

	Marc Espie

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