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The comms/conserver,net port

conserver-8.2.7p0-net – manage remote serial consoles via TCP/IP


This program provides a convenient way to manage remote consoles.

The conserver(8) daemon maintains persistent connections to consoles,
either to a local serial port, via a network connection to a terminal
server, via a UNIX domain socket, by running a command, or (with the
"ipmi" flavor) via IPMI serial-over-lan. It can also write logfiles,
and restrict access based on user/group (read, read/write, none).

User access is done with console(1) - this allows standard terminal
commands including sending BREAK signals, and can replay output from
before you connected.

By default conserver<>console connections are done via a unix-domain
socket, but in a larger installation, the "net" flavor can be used
to do this over a TCP+TLS connection to another host - in that case,
conserver(8) instances on multiple servers can be clustered.


net - use network sockets for conserver<>console and to allow
conserver<>conserver connections.

ipmi - build with internal support for IPMI serial-over-lan


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