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The comms/dump1090 port

dump1090- – simple ADS-B Mode-S decoder for RTLSDR devices


Dump 1090 is an ADS-B Mode-S decoder specifically designed for RTLSDR

The main features are:
* Robust decoding of weak messages.
* Network support: TCP30003 stream (MSG5...), Raw packets, HTTP.
* Embedded HTTP server that displays the currently detected aircrafts
  on Google Maps.
* Single bit errors correction using the 24 bit CRC.
* Ability to decode DF11, DF17 messages.
* Ability to decode DF formats like DF0, DF4, DF5, DF16, DF20 and DF21
  where the checksum is xored with the ICAO address by brute forcing
  the checksum field using recently seen ICAO addresses.
* Decode raw IQ samples from file (using --ifile command line switch).
* Interactive command-line-interfae mode where aircrafts currently
  detected are shown as a list refreshing as more data arrives.
* CPR coordinates decoding and track calculation from velocity.
* TCP server streaming and receiving raw data to/from connected clients
  (using --net).


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