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The converters/k2pdfopt port

k2pdfopt-2.42p3 – optimizes PDF/DJVU files for mobile e-readers


K2pdfopt optimizes PDF/DJVU files for mobile e-readers (e.g. the Kindle)
and smartphones. It works well on multi-column PDF/DJVU files and can
re-flow text even on scanned PDF files. It can also be used as a general
PDF copying/cropping/re-sizing/OCR-ing manipulation tool. It can generate
native or bitmapped PDF output, with an optional OCR layer.

Only for arches
aarch64 aarch64 alpha alpha amd64 amd64 arm arm hppa hppa i386 i386 mips64 mips64 mips64el mips64el powerpc powerpc powerpc64 powerpc64 riscv64 riscv64 sh sparc64 sparc64
k2pdfopt uses modified builds of MuPDF, Leptonica, Tesseract; at least some of these have been updated causing mods to fail also depends on graphics/opejpeg which no longer exists

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