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bbolt-1.3.8 – embedded key/value database for Go


bbolt implements a low-level key/value store in pure Go. It supports
fully serializable transactions, ACID semantics, and lock-free MVCC with
multiple readers and a single writer.

It is a fork of Ben Johnson's "Bolt" key/value store aimed at providing
the Go community with an active maintenance and development target for

Bolt can be used for projects that want a simple data store without the
need to add large dependencies such as Postgres or MySQL.

Bolt is a single-level, zero-copy, B+tree data store. This means that
Bolt is optimized for fast read access and does not require recovery
in the event of a system crash. Transactions which have not finished
committing will simply be rolled back in the event of a crash.

The design of Bolt is based on Howard Chu's LMDB database project.

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