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The databases/mdbtools port

mdbtools-0.7.1p7v0 – read microsoft Access MDB


MDB Tools is a set of programs to help you use Microsoft Access files
in various settings.

. libmdb    - the core library that allows access to MDB files programatically.
. libmdbsql - builds on libmdb to provide a SQL engine (ala Jet)
. utils     - provides command line utilities to list tables, export schema,
              and data, show the version of the files, and other useful stuff.
. mdb-sql   - a command line SQL tool that allows one to type sql queries and
              get results.

The gmdb package provides the GNOME MDB File Viewer and debugger.

mdbtools-0.7.1p7v0 gmdb-0.7.1p8v0
converters databases

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