OpenBSD ports

The devel/binutils port

binutils-2.42p0 – GNU binary utilities


This package contains the following GNU binary utilities:

- addr2line - Converts addresses into filenames and line numbers.
- ar - A utility for creating, modifying and extracting from archives.
- c++filt - Filter to demangle encoded C++ symbols.
- elfedit - Update ELF header and program property of ELF files.
- nm - Lists symbols from object files.
- objcopy - Copies and translates object files.
- objdump - Displays information from object files.
- ranlib - Generates an index to the contents of an archive.
- readelf - Displays information from any ELF format object file.
- size - Lists the section sizes of an object or archive file.
- strings - Lists printable strings from files.
- strip - Discards symbols.


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