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c2ffi- – extract FFI definitions from C, C++, and Objective C


This is a tool for extracting definitions from C, C++, and Objective C
headers for use with foreign function call interfaces.

There are generally two steps to using `c2ffi`:

- Generate output for a particular header or file, gathering macro
  definitions (with the `-M <file>.c` parameter)

- Generate output for macro definitions by running `c2ffi` again on
  the *generated* file (without `-M`)

Currently JSON is the default output.  This is in a rather wordy
hierarchical format, with each object having a "tag" field which
describes it.  All objects are contained in an array.  This should
make it fairly easy (or at least far easier than parsing C yourself)
to transform into language-specific bindings.

The following language bindings exist for `c2ffi`:

- [cl-autowrap]( Create bindings
  in Common Lisp from a `.h` with `c2ffi` using a simple `(c-include "file.h")`

- [c2ffi-ruby]( Uses the JSON
  from c2ffi to produce a nicely-formatted Ruby file for ruby-ffi.

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