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cbmc-5.5p5 – Bounded Model Checker for C and C++ programs


CBMC is a Bounded Model Checker for C and C++ programs. It supports C89, C99,
most of C11 and most compiler extensions provided by gcc and Visual Studio. It
also supports SystemC using Scoot, and has experimental support for Java

CBMC verifies array bounds (buffer overflows), pointer safety, exceptions
and user-specified assertions. Furthermore, it can check C and C++ for
consistency with other languages, such as Verilog. The verification is
performed by unwinding the loops in the program and passing the resulting
equation to a decision procedure.

While CBMC is aimed for embedded software, it also supports dynamic memory
allocation using malloc and new.

CBMC comes with a built-in solver for bit-vector formulas that is based on
MiniSat. As an alternative, CBMC has featured support for external SMT
solvers. Recommended solvers are (in no particular order) Boolector,
MathSAT, Yices 2 and Z3. Note that these solvers need to be installed
separately and have different licensing conditions.

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