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chmlib-0.40p2 – handling CHM files


chmlib is a small library designed for accessing MS ITSS files.  The ITSS file
format is used for Microsoft Html Help files (.chm), which have been the
predominant medium for software documentation from Microsoft during the past
several years, having superceded the previously used .hlp file format.

In terms of support for the ITSS file format, there are a few places in which
the support provided by this library is not fully general:

1. ITSS files whose names contain UTF-8 characters which are not part of the
   ASCII subset will not currently be dealt with gracefully.  Currently, the
   filenames are not converted from UTF-8, but are instead returned as-is.  I'm
   very interested in hearing any suggestions as to the "right" way to handle

2. Only version 3 ITSS files are supported at present, though some work has
   gone towards divining the differences between different versions of the
   file format.  It is possible that version 2 ITSS files might work properly
   with this library, but unconfirmed.

3. Archives larger than 4 GB should be supported just fine, but if they
   contain files larger than 4GB, this library may break.  Fortunately, this
   seems somewhat unlikely.

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