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The devel/fossil,static port

fossil-2.24p0v0-static – simple distributed software configuration management


Fossil is a software configuration management system. Fossil is software
that is designed to control and track the development of a software project
and to record the history of the project. There are many such systems in
use today. Fossil strives to distinguish itself from the others by being
extremely simple to setup and operate.

In addition to distributed version control, it supports distributed bug
tracking and wiki, with a built-in web interface, in a single easy-to-use
integrated package.

Fossil provides the ability to sign your commits using gnupg. But, just
installing it alone is not enough. You also need to run the following:

$ fossil settings clearsign on -global

This package can be built with a static FLAVOR, for use in a httpd(8)
chrooted environment.

After upgrading to a newer version of fossil, it is always a good idea
to run: "fossil all rebuild". Running "rebuild" this way is not always
necessary, but it never hurts.

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