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fpm-0.7.0p1 – Fortran Package Manager


Fortran Package Manager (fpm) is a package manager and build system for Fortran.
Its key goal is to improve the user experience of Fortran programmers. It does
so by making it easier to build your Fortran program or library, run the
executables, tests, and examples, and distribute it as a dependency to other
Fortran projects. Fpm's user interface is modeled after Rust's Cargo, so if
you're familiar with that tool, you will feel at home with fpm. Fpm's long term
vision is to nurture and grow the ecosystem of modern Fortran applications and

Fpm is an early prototype and is evolving rapidly. You can use it to build and
package your Fortran projects, as well as to use existing fpm packages as
dependencies. Fpm's behavior and user interface may change as it evolves,
however as fpm matures and we enter production, we will aim to stay backwards
compatible. Please follow the issues to contribute and/or stay up to date with
the development. Before opening a bug report or a feature suggestion, please
read our Contributor Guide. You can also discuss your ideas and queries with the
community in fpm discussions, or more broadly on Fortran-Lang Discourse.

Fortran Package Manager is not to be confused with Jordan Sissel's fpm, a more
general, non-Fortran related package manager.

on i386: fails "build fpm (stage1) using the bootstrap (stage0)"

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