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The devel/kf5/kitemmodels port

kitemmodels-5.116.0 – KDE item models extending the Qt model-view framework


KItemModels provides the following models:

* KBreadcrumbSelectionModel - Selects the parents of selected items to create
* KCheckableProxyModel - Adds a checkable capability to a source model
* KConcatenateRowsProxyModel - Concatenates rows from multiple source models
* KDescendantsProxyModel - Proxy Model for restructuring a Tree into a list
* KExtraColumnsProxyModel - Adds columns after existing columns
* KLinkItemSelectionModel - Share a selection in multiple views which do not
  have the same source model
* KModelIndexProxyMapper - Mapping of indexes and selections through proxy
* KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel - Can reorder and hide columns from the source
* KRecursiveFilterProxyModel - Recursive filtering of models
* KSelectionProxyModel - A Proxy Model which presents a subset of its source
  model to observers

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