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The multimedia/upplay port

upplay-1.3.3p0 – UPnP audio control point


upplay is a desktop UPnP audio Control Point for Linux/Unix and MS

upplay does not play music, it controls a Media Renderer which may
be running on the same host or anywhere else.

* Plays gapless using either the UPnP SetNextTransportURI action
  or the OpenHome Playlist service, depending on the device capabilities.
  OpenHome is chosen by default if available.
* In AVT mode, remembers the last playlist.
* Can move your current playlist to another renderer.
* Lets you browse any UPnP Content Directory on the local network and
  add music from there (click titles, or use the right-click menu for
  directory adds).
* Supports multiple browsing tabs
* Lets you search the server, and the local listing.
* Can control the connections between multiple Linn Songcast Senders and
  Receivers (multiroom synchronized playing).

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