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py3-keyring-23.8.2 – store and access your passwords safely


The Python keyring lib provides a easy way to access the system keyring
service from python. It can be used in any application that needs safe
password storage.

Supported keyring services:
    **OSXKeychain**: supports the Keychain service in Mac OS X.
    **KDEKWallet**: supports the KDE's Kwallet service.
    **GnomeKeyring**: for Gnome 2 environment.
    **SecretServiceKeyring**: for newer GNOME and KDE environments.
    **WinVaultKeyring**: supports the Windows Credential Vault.
Built-in keyrings:
    **Win32CryptoKeyring**: for Windows 2k+.
    **CryptedFileKeyring**: a command line interface keyring base on PyCrypto.
    **UncryptedFileKeyring**: a keyring which leaves passwords directly in file.

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