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step-24.05.2 – KDE interactive physics simulator


Step is an interactive physical simulator. It allows you to explore the
physical world through simulations.


 - Classical mechanical simulation in two dimensions
 - Particles, springs with damping, gravitational and coulomb forces
 - Rigid bodies
 - Collision detection (currently only discrete) and handling
 - Soft (deformable) bodies simulated as user-editable particles-springs
   systems, sound waves
 - Molecular dynamics (currently using Lennard-Jones potential): gas and
   liquid, condensation and evaporation, calculation of macroscopic quantities
   and their variances
 - Unit conversion and expression calculation: you can enter something like
   (2 days + 3 hours) * 80 km/h and it will be accepted as distance value
 - Error calculation and propagation: you can enter values like 1.3 +/- 0.2
   for any property and errors for all dependent properties will be calculated
   using statistical formulas
 - Solver error estimation: errors introduced by the solver are calculated and
   added to user-entered errors
 - Several different solvers: up to 8th order, explicit and implicit, with or
   without adaptive timestep
 - Controller tool to easily change properties during the simulation, including
   customizable keyboard shortcuts
 - Tools to visualize results: graph, meter, tracer
 - Context information for all objects, integrated wikipedia browser
 - Collection of example experiments and integrated tutorials

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