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wndw-3.0p1 – Wireless Networking in the Developing World, English edition


Wireless Networking in the Developing World is a free book about
designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks.
English Edition.  Chapters include:

    * A Practical Introduction to Radio Physics
    * Network Design
    * Antennas & Transmission Lines
    * Networking Hardware
    * Security & Monitoring
    * Solar Power
    * Building an Outdoor Node
    * Troubleshooting
    * Economic Sustainability
    * Case Studies
    * Appendices
    * Glossary

wndw-3.0p1 wndw-es-3.0p1 wndw-fr-2.0p1 wndw-ar-2.0p1 wndw-pt-1.0p1 wndw-id-2.0p1 wndw-my-3.0p1
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