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db-4.6.21p7v0 – Berkeley DB package, revision 4


Berkeley DB is a programmatic toolkit that provides fast, reliable,
scalable, and mission-critical database support to software developers.

Berkeley DB provides data management services for some of the most
demanding high-end server applications in the world. Vendors of
industry-leading messaging, directory, billing and provisioning servers as
well as the biggest portal, ASP and commerce sites on the Internet rely on
Berkeley DB. Berkeley DB's high performance and scalability support
thousands of simultaneous users working on databases as large as 256

At the same time, Berkeley DB's small footprint, in-process execution
model, simple function-call API and low administrative overhead make it
ideal for use in embedded systems. Vendors of telecommunications switches,
routers and wired and wireless network gateways choose Berkeley DB to
manage critical information in their products.

	* no_tcl -- don't build package containing the TCL module

db-java-4.6.21p13v0 db-4.6.21p7v0 db-tcl-4.6.21p4v0

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