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openldap-server-2.6.8v0-aci – LDAP directory server


OpenLDAP is a suite of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
servers, clients, utilities and development tools. LDAP is an Internet
standard directory service protocol that can be used stand-alone, or as a
front end to an X.500 directory. LDAP is defined by RFCs 1777 through

OpenLDAP is derived from the University of Michigan LDAP release 3.3 and
is distributed under a Perl-style "Artistic License".

This is the server portion of OpenLDAP, it provides the server as well as
various administrative binaries.

Note: if using the MDB backend, you *must* configure the database
environment with the "writemap" flag, e.g. "olcDbEnvFlags: writemap" in

	aci	enable the *experimental* ACI dynamic access control
	gssapi	build with GSSAPI support

openldap-client-2.6.8v0 openldap-server-2.6.8v0-aci
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