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The databases/postgresql port

postgresql-client-16.3p0 – PostgreSQL RDBMS (client)


PostgreSQL RDBMS client applications, libraries and include files
for database administration, maintenance and integration with other

The OpenBSD PostgreSQL port build produces several packages:

* postgresql-client-${VERSION} - client package
  Client-side applications, headers and libraries.

* postgresql-server-${VERSION} - server package
  Contains additional files needed for performing backend server
  functions - such as providing the database server itself.

* postgresql-docs-${VERSION} - documentation
  Additional documentation: FAQs, READMEs; PostgreSQL manuals in
  HTML format: Administrator's Guide, Programmer's Manual, PostgreSQL
  Tutorial and User's Guide and Integrated Documentation package
  contains all the above documentation.

* postgresql-contrib-${VERSION} - contributions
  Additional utilities and usefull libraries.

* postgresql-plpython-${VERSION} - PL/Python procedural language.

* postgresql-pg_upgrade-${VERSION} - Used to upgrade database
  clusters directly from the previous version without a dump
  and restore.

postgresql-docs-16.3p0 postgresql-client-16.3p0 postgresql-server-16.3p0 postgresql-contrib-16.3p0 postgresql-pg_upgrade-16.3p0 postgresql-plpython-16.3p0
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