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got-0.100 – game of trees version control system


Game of Trees (Got) is a version control system which prioritizes
ease of use and simplicity over flexibility.

Got is still under development; it is being developed exclusively
on OpenBSD and its target audience are OpenBSD developers. Got is
ISC-licensed and was designed with pledge(2) and unveil(2) in mind.

Got uses Git repositories to store versioned data. At present, Got
supports local version control operations only. Git can be used
for any functionality which has not yet been implemented in Got.
It will always remain possible to work with both Got and Git on
the same repository.

This package includes the got(1) command-line interface and the
tog(1) read-only repository browser. EXAMPLES in the got(1) man
page contains a quick-start guide for OpenBSD developers.

got-0.100 gotd-0.100 gotwebd-0.100 gitwrapper-0.100

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