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indi-1.9.8p0 – Instrument-Neutral-Device-Interface protocol implemtation


INDI is a standard for astronomical instrumentation control. INDI Library is an
Open Source POSIX implementation of the Instrument-Neutral-Device-Interface

INDI core library is composed of the following components:

1. INDI Server.
2. INDI Core Drivers: Hardware drivers that communicate with the equipment.
Many devices are supported including:
  - Mounts CCDs, CMOS, Webcams,
  - DSLRs (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax..etc).
  - Focusers.
  - Filter Wheels.
  - Adaptive Optics.
  - Domes.
  - GPS.
  - Weather Stations.
  - Controllers.
  - Auxiliary Devices (switches, watchdog, relays, light sources, measurement devices..etc).
3. Client Library: Cross-platform POSIX and Qt5-based client libraries. The
client libraries can be embedded in 3rd party applications to communicate with
INDI server and devices.  INDI core device drivers are shipped with INDI library
by default.

INDI 3rd party drivers are available in a dedicated 3rdparty repository 
( and maintained by their respective

indi-1.9.8p0 libindi-1.9.8p0
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