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appstream-1.0.3 – access to machine-readable software metadata


AppStream makes machine-readable software metadata easily accessible.  It is a
foundational block for modern Linux software centers, offering a seamless way to
retrieve information about available software, no matter the repository it is
contained in.  It can provide data about available applications as well as
available firmware, drivers, fonts and other components.  This project it part

What AppStream Offers:

- Specifications & Standards: Describes the XML-based MetaInfo files for use by
  upstream projects, as well as AppStream catalog metadata in XML or YAML for
  use by repository providers.
- Reference Implementation: Provides GLib/GObject libraries for easy
  manipulation of metadata, with features for quick metadata indexing, querying
  and system compatibility checks.  A Qt interface and other language bindings
  are provided as well.
- Tools: Includes `appstreamcli` for metadata queries, data verification and
  diagnostics.  The `appstreamcli compose` tool can be used for simple catalog
  metadata composition.

appstream-1.0.3 appstream-qt6-1.0.3
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